Making a Difference

In Luton 1 in 3 children are living below the poverty line. Poverty can put barriers up that mean a child doesn’t love learning as much as they could.

nic_20072In any one school day a child experiencing poverty could:

  • Get cold and wet on their walk to school because they don’t have a winter coat.
  • Stop playing in the playground with their friends at break-time because their shoes are too tight and hurt their feet.
  • Do their colouring homework using a biro because they don’t have any colouring pencils.
  • Miss out on the school trip to Thorpe Park because they can’t afford to go.
  • Feel embarrassed that their school uniform is too tight and short in the arms.
  • Miss out on playing sports because they don’t have a P.E. kit.
  • Dread the school holidays because they don’t have anything to do.
  • Worry that there will not be enough food for them over the school holidays.

We do all we can to stop children having these experiences of poverty at school so that they can love learning alongside all their friends.

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