Frank’s Story

Frank has had a hard life. The lines on his face and the tooth decay tell it without words.

He arrived at the Uniform Exchange with a bag containing his daughter’s school blazer and jumper.

Sinead, his daughter, was struggling with mental health issues and had been eating for comfort. She had rapidly put on a lot of weight and was no longer able to fit into the new school uniform that Frank had bought her not many months ago.

The blazer and jumper had cost him £60. Sinead’s uniform was now too tight and she was too embarrassed to wear it. So instead, she was sitting at home rather than going in to school. Frank burst into tears as he told us about Sinead, he said he was really worried about her and he didn’t know what to do.

The Uniform Exchange offers parents like Frank a place to swap uniform that no longer fits with uniform that does, meaning children can go to school with confidence. You can find us upstairs in The Mall in Luton.

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