£10,000 for Shoes and Coats

Mostaque Koyes is raising £10,000 for shoes and coats this winter!

46% of children live in poverty in Luton. That means they sometimes cannot afford things like warm winter coats and water-tight shoes. We have provided free school shoes and coats for children in Luton for six years now. This is the first year we have had to stop providing them because we do not have the funding to do so.

Mostaque has made it his mission to do something about it! Mostaque has a large family, a business to run, local community awards to organise and a community investment company to oversee. Despite all this, his passion for Luton has lead him to raise hundreds of thousands of pounds for good causes in Luton. Through his trusteeship with us, Mostaque has chosen to use his expert fundraising skills to help Level Trust as we look to put shoes and coats on the feet and shoulders of children in Luton who need them most.

To help Mostaque get shoes and coats for children most in need in Luton please donate here.