Christmas Gifts

What do you buy for someone who has everything? Something for someone else!

In Luton 46% of children live in poverty. That means they  go without the essentials they need for school; things like weather proof shoes, warm winter coats and resources for learning at home. Without these things children can turn up to school cold and wet, feel embarrassed in front of their peers, or miss out on learning altogether.

This Christmas you can buy

  • learning resources £10
  • a warm winter coat £20
  • a pair of shoes £30

for a child who really needs it in Luton. You will receive a feel-good card detailing the gift to give to your loved one.

For each winter coat sold, another child in Luton will be warm on the way to school. For each pair of school shoes sold, another child in Luton will have what they need to play with their friends in a wet playground. For each learning resource pack sold, another child will receive the learning resources they need to practice essential skills like reading at home.

To purchase please click here

Please donate the correct amount for the item you want.  In the ‘write a note section’, please write what the donation is for: i.e. 1 pair of shoes, 2 winter coats, etc.*

Please remember to check the box to allow us to have your address so we can send you your cCharity Christmas gift for childrenards in the post.

Last gift should be purchased no later than the 15th of December to ensure we can get it in time to you for Christmas.

So what are you waiting for, it’s as easy as that! Get buying and feel all that lovely Christmas cheer.

*Please note that we cannot claim gift aid on this donation because you will be receiving a card as a result.