Learning Fund

Shoes, coats and learning resources

Our Learning Fund has launched to replace our shoe and coat gift card scheme over the coming months. If you or someone you know needs financial assistance with school shoes, coats or learning resources please talk to your school family/pastoral worker and they may recommend you receive a code giving you access to the fund.

Codes are available for children aged between 4 and 18 who need financial assistance with school shoes, school coats or learning resources. We may also be able to help with other items outside of this list if there is a clear link to learning. If you require school uniform, please use our Uniform Exchange here.

Once you have a code you can email sam.willis@leveltrust.org and let him know what you require for your children.

If you are a school and you haven’t yet received codes from us or you need more codes, please contact sam.willis@leveltrust.org.