Destiny’s Story

Destiny lives with her brother and mum but not her dad, because he’s in prison.

At school, she likes maths but she doesn’t like it when other children are mean. She told us, “I only have friends because of my mum’s friends’ children.” Even though she was looking forward to making friends during our SMASH summer school, she was also nervous about it.
Destiny’s school family worker said, “Destiny has low self-esteem. She’s quite a sad child and struggles socially. But she’s so sporty! That’s why I wanted her to do the multi-sports week – I knew she’d be amazing.”

Over the week, Destiny grew in confidence. She tried new things and enjoyed spending time with the volunteers and other children. On her last day, she said, “I want to tell you that you’ve helped me a lot. Before I came here I was sad because I miss my dad, but now you’ve made me happy.”