Farah’s Story

15-year-old Farah noticed that her school shoes were starting to get too small for her.

She wore them for a couple of days but they started to really hurt her feet. Farah comes from a large family with 5 other brothers and sisters.


Mum can only work part time because she has to care part time for her Nan who has a long-term illness. It means there is not much money to go around a household of so many. As a result, Farah’s mum couldn’t afford to buy her new school shoes. Farah was mortified. As a good student, she was rarely in trouble at school. She knew if she went into school wearing anything other than school shoes she would be put into isolation. So instead, Farah pretended to be unwell and stayed home from school.

Level Trust provided Farah with a gift card for a new pair of school shoes. Farah and her mum were really relieved and Farah has gone back to school and is studying hard for her GCSE’s.

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