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The cost of buying school uniform can really add up

The cost of buying school uniform can really add up.

The Uniform Exchange offers a great alternative for families in the town. It is based in The Mall and has supported those struggling with the cost of school uniform for many years.

You can use us in two ways;

  • Come see us at the Uniform Exchange in The Mall Luton (we are open Mon to Thur, and Saturday, 10am to 2pm)
  • To order uniform online.
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Take a look around the Uniform Exchange through this fantastic virtual tour

The Uniform Exchange receives funding through a grant from The National Lottery Community Fund, thanks to players of The National Lottery.

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If you are able to, why not recycle any uniform that your children have outgrown?

If you have unwanted items of school uniform, you drop them off to The Uniform Exchange. Reusing school uniform also cuts down on landfill waste so it is also good for the environment too.

If you have items of school uniform in good condition, you can drop them off to the Uniform Exchange also.

Reusing school uniform also cuts down on landfill waste while saving precious materials such as cotton and synthetics, so it’s good for the environment also.

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