As a charity we give disadvantaged children in our
community a level chance at school.

If you are able, why not recycle any uniform that your child(ren) have outgrown?

If you have unwanted items of school uniform, you can drop them off at The Uniform Exchange. If we are closed, there is a basket outside where you are able to leave your donation.

Reusing school uniform cuts down on landfill waste so it is also good for the environment. In order to keep the Uniform Exchange well- stocked, we rely on donations so please do consider donating your used uniform to us. Items that are in good condition are washed, pressed and held as stock for families to reuse. Items that are too worn are bagged up and recycled.

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Destiny’s Story

Destiny lives with her brother and mum but not her dad, because he’s in prison. At school, she likes maths but she doesn’t like it when other children are mean. She told us, “I only have friends because of my mum’s friends’ children.” Even though…


Farah’s Story

15-year-old Farah noticed that her school shoes were starting to get too small for her. She wore them for a couple of days but they started to really hurt her feet. Farah comes from a large family with 5 other brothers and sisters. Mum can…


Frank’s Story

Frank has had a hard life. The lines on his face and the tooth decay tell it without words. He arrived at the Uniform Exchange with a bag containing his daughter’s school blazer and jumper. Sinead, his daughter, was struggling with mental health issues and…



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