Theresa’s Story

One of our Link Workers, Theresa, has seen the difference a new coat makes to a child:


“A little boy came up to me recently while I was on lunch duty to show me his new reversible coat, which he got with a Level Trust coat gift card. He was so proud.

“We are supporting his family at the moment as there are a few issues at home, including a parental break-up and housing problems. This little boy has been struggling to separate from his parents when he is dropped off in the morning and needs a bit of one-to-one time with different members of staff. He often appears sad and is difficult to engage in his learning.

“Later that same day I caught him in the corridor showing his friend how the coat reverses. A few days later I saw him talking to another member of staff about his new coat too. It shows that Level Trust is making a huge difference to children’s lives.”

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