Luton School Run

On Friday 24 April, teachers and school staff from across Luton will be coming together online to raise money for our Emergency Home School Fund. The #LutonSchoolRun organised by St Matthew’s Primary School aims to raise £12,500.

The event will take place from 7am until 7pm. Each participating school will be allocated a one-hour time slot, during which teachers will need to complete a run or walk around their garden or living space for the full hour. Participants will post images and videos of their workout and the distance they travelled collected and the total distance travelled for the whole event calculated. We are hoping to reach 24 miles!

Every person taking part is asked to make a small contribution to the fundraising page by donating what they would have spent on their lunch or coffee if they had been at work that week.

St Matthew’s Primary School, said: “This is a great opportunity to do some physical exercise and at the same time raise vital funds to help some of the most vulnerable families in Luton. A number of schools have already signed up to this challenge and we expect many more to join in. We are hoping that with the huge numbers of staff and schools involved we will create a big buzz around the event reaching as many potential donators as possible.

“If there are any businesses or organisations that are interested in supporting this event please get in touch.”

Jane Malcom, CEO, Level Trust, said: “Covid-19 has taken so much away from children who didn’t have a lot to start with – it’s time to work together to give something back. That is why I am so grateful to Dan Chaplen and his team at St Matthew’s who have poured their time into setting up the #LutonSchoolRun.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has made life much harder for children and young people in financial hardship. Home has now become school. If you live in cramped housing, with no garden, very few learning resources and struggle to afford essential food and clothing, learning is going to be nearly impossible. The money the #LutonSchoolRun raises will go towards our Emergency Home School Fund which will provide essential food, clothing and learning resources so that all children can continue to learn during the school closures. This is an opportunity for our town to come together to support children in our community living with very little. Please all donate if you can.”

Cllr Mahmood Hussain, portfolio holder with responsibility for children and young people said: “Well done to St Matthew’s Primary School for organising this event, bringing people together in a collective effort to help those most in need in our town. I would also like to thank local charity The Level Trust who should be commended for their continued support and commitment to assist vulnerable families.”

If you work in a school and you haven’t already signed up to #LutonSchoolRun please email Dan Chaplen at or click here.

Anyone can support the event by making a donation on our Just Giving page.

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